Why photographers dislike instagram filters – Photographer Wisdom

Why photographers dislike instagram filters – Photographer Wisdom

Well….we don’t really hate them.  Maybe some do I guess…but not all as a generalization.

Here’s the thing.  As a professional, we have spent countless hours honing our craft.  Getting exposure just right, learning compositions, posing, running a business etc.  Editing is a HUGE part of our job.  The practice, testing, and, experimentation that goes in to figure out exactly how we want our brand to be represented is tiresome.

Trust me….I get it…You are SUPER excited about having these awesome images that you want everyone to be jealous of on social media!  But when you slap a filter of some sort on to your images…a little part of your photographers soul cringes.  We work really hard to get our editing just right and the biggest part of our job is giving you images that are ready to be shown to the world.

When you do this….it takes away from the integrity of the images/work that your photographer does.  It no longer represents them or their brand.  They don’t use filters like that..but when your Facebook friends see these images…they think that your photographer does use them.  Should that person be interested in hiring them…they go to their website/social media and what they see isn’t similar to what you posted.  Consistency is shot at this point.  Making your photographer look like an inconsistent dufus.

Don’t make your photographer look like a dufus.  K? K!


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