There are millions of people out there.

But in the end it all comes down to one.


Do you have a person who makes your heart go pitter patter? They’re the PB to your J? Bacon to your eggs? Peas to your carrots?

Are you ready to make it official? Set the date? Tie the knot? Put a ring on it?


I am a heart and soul centered, emotion driven, cheerleader for your marriage that values your experience, relationships, and family legacy.

Capturing your beginning and creating heirlooms that will be passed down for generations are my priority. Creating emotion filled, light hearted, real images for you to cherish for a lifetime.

If that all sounds fantastic to you…click this little button down here and let’s get started!!

Hi.  I'm Stephanie.

Yep….Susie is really my last name. I live in the hills and hollers of Southern Illinois with my husband and 2 adorable kitties. (I'm a bit of a crazy cat lady)

I’m a Libra and an ENFJ.

I love Scary movies and I knit in my free time.

As a kid, I preferred the pen and paper aisle to the toy aisle.

As a photographer I love capturing relationships and the real emotions of couples and families. I love what I do and still get so pumped when a great image comes through my lens.  Really though, ask some of my clients.  They’ll tell you all about the squeal and my respectful panache for profanity.  ;)

Your experience is my number one priority so sit back, relax and enjoy each other….because I am going to rock some images of you laughing, crying, and all of the emotions in between.

want to know more?….let’s grab a coffee and I will talk your leg off ;)


Just a little chat – $250

Let's meet in person or via Skype for 2 hours of Q&A. We can talk about lighting, editing, pricing, marketing or anything else your heart desires.

A full day of learning – $650

Come and hang out with me for the day!! In addition to detailed mentoring we will also have a portfolio review, and a live engagement session. With this session you can learn all of the ins and outs of the way I work. Lunch will be included. Only available Monday - Thursday.