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Lauren & Cole – Carmi Illinois Wedding Photographer

Carmi Illinois Wedding Photographer


Petals > Bubbles!!!!

When your dad, the farmer, plans ahead and plants buckwheat that will be blooming at the perfect time for your wedding!!!  YESSS!!!

Digging up the bourbon!  An old southern tradition to get the weather that you’d like to have for your wedding day. Otherwise known as the perfect way to share a shot with your wedding part before the reception!!  LOL

There’s cutting the cake…but then there’s the first scoop!! 🙂   Bliss ice cream cart shows up and you have to do the first scoop of ice cream with the bride and groom.  I had the maple bourbon bacon and let me just tell you…..OH EM GEEEE  it was so good!

Big Dave wins the award for father daughter dance!